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The mission of Carolina Rebuilding Ministry is to transform lives through preserving, creating and sustaining affordable homeownership for low-income families by coordinating resources and mobilizing teams of missioners in the historic Albemarle region of northeastern North Carolina.


A safe and healthy home for every person.


 Carolina Rebuilding Ministry began in 2011 as Christians Reaching Out in Sacred Service (CROSS). Volunteers were organized by the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church and sent to Plymouth to help make repairs to homes damaged by hurricane Irene. Reverend Jay Clark and other leaders of Plymouth United Methodist Church took note of the conditions in which so many lived throughout the community, and knew that the work of rebuilding to make an impact on poverty in this community had just begun. Several alterations were made to the church facility to convert space into barracks for mission teams; including a commercial kitchen and 2 shower rooms. Since 2011 CROSS, now CRM has hosted 35 mission teams with over 1000 volunteers. The investment of goods and professional services exceeds $1.4 million and the hours worked by volunteers is in excess of 38,000.

In 2017 The Duke Endowment invested grant dollars with CRM to allow us to expand our infrastructure to reach beyond Washington County, into more communities in the historic Albemarle region of northeastern North Carolina. In order to attain our goal of helping more homeowners living in poverty, we must grow our teams, open more mission centers, and increase our presence throughout the region.



We are a Christian ministry grounded in the teachings and love of Jesus Christ. We welcome and serve people of all faiths


We are a strategic and intentional ministry passionate to eliminate substandard housing on behalf of low-income families that continue to struggle against economic depression, exploitation and discrimination.


Challenged by the call of Christ to take up our cross and follow Him; we offer gifts and talents of carpentery, electrical, plumbing, painting, helping, and more to Him as sacred service.


Jason Duvall – Executive Director


Jeff McLaren – Construction Manager



Since its inception in 2011 Carolina Rebuilding Ministry has provided services valued at $1.75 million in building materials and supplies, subcontract and in-kind labor.

In 2017 we conducted a survey of the homeowners served over the course of a 2 year period.
Here are those results:

Over the last 2 years, CRM has worked on twenty (20) different home rehab projects. Unlike some other rehab ministries, because of our experience and community support, we have rebuilt several homes from the ground up.

All of the homeowners felt blessed by the witness of the teams that came to their home. They stated that they were non-judgmental, and gracious in every way.  Ninety (90) percent of those who responded to our survey stated that their homes are drier, safer, and warmer.

“I feel safer walking across my porch”

“I can finally get into my bathroom”

“My house is dry – no more leaks!!”

Several homeowners stated that they have seen savings related to utility expenses.
Iris Sanders shared that she had a $211 decrease in her monthly utility bill.
Because of the work that CRM provided, three (3) of the homeowners were finally eligible to apply for federal/state weatherization funds. 

Plymouth Mayor Brian G. Roth has reported, that because of this rehab ministry with persons of color, the racial divide in our community is being bridged.

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Jason DuVall - Executive Director


3034 US Hwy 64 E

Plymouth, NC 27962